"No need to cool air When there's no-one there!"

Welcome to Ecosense

No need to cool air when there’s no-one there

Quite simply Ecosense will monitor a room to see if it's being used, if it's not then Ecosense will switch off your air conditioning by means of emulating the off function of your A/C remote controller. This ensures that the A/C unit goes through its correct shut down procedure.

Ecosense have produced a comprehensive range of PIR sensors that will control air conditioning to your requirements.

Ecosense 2000 - Entry level - Battery operated

Ecosense 4000 - Mid range - Hard wired

Ecosense 4000+ - NEW for 2014 - Hard wired - Works in conjunction with Door and Window sensors.

EcoRemote is a replacement remote controller allowing you to choose your own range of accessible temperatures.

EcoRemote Plus - NEW for 2014 - a replacement remote controller that offers choice of accessible temperatures. Ideal for multiple applications.

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Global Warming, spiralling energy costs, or just the unnecessary strain on equipment, are all valid reasons for ensuring that the A/C facilities you provide for your clients or employees are controlled. As our company motto states, "There's no need to cool air if there's nobody there".