"No need to cool air When there's no-one there!"


  • The 4000/4000+ are universally compatible with any A/C that can be controlled with a remote controller. The 2000 is compatible with approx. 85% of all A/C’s that use a remote controller.

  • No. Ecosense products are designed as energy saving devices. However, Ecosense 4000 AND 4000+ can be used to “set back” the A/C to a more economic setting if the room is unoccupied instead of switching it off completely.

  • Ecosense can control the A/C as much or as little as you require. For example, you would not want the A/C in the lounge to be able to run at any time when the room is unoccupied. Conversely, in the bedrooms you can choose to allow the guest to have partial or full use of the A/C through the night. Ecosense is designed to allow you to customise the settings to suit individual requirements.

  • Unfortunately it is very difficult to generalise regarding possible financial savings. The cost of running A/C is made up of a number of variables i.e. the size and type of AC, positioning and design of room, the local tariff rate, how the AC is used etc. etc. What can be said is that on average, Ecosense will reduce the “use” of your A/C by between 50 to 80% If you consider the hours in a day that you would spend in a holiday rental bedroom, then deduct that figure from 24, the answer is the likely number of hours the A/C could be running when the room is unoccupied.

    Another consideration is the reduced wear and tear on equipment that was designed for domestic use. We estimate that the life expectancy should be increased by 30 to 50% and down time for servicing reduced. Most importantly, reducing the amount of time the A/C runs at full capacity will help to reduce the DRIPPING CONDENSATION problem !!!

  • All Ecosense products are guaranteed for 1 tear.

  • Ecosense 2000 model is easy to install. A person with a little bit DIY knowledge can install and setup the units.

    Ecosense 4000 and 4000+ models are hard wired and has to be installed by qualified electrician. Our qualified electrician can install the units for you. Please enquire about the prices. If you are residing far away from Fethiye area then we can guide your electrician on how to install the units via phone or email.