"No need to cool air When there's no-one there!"

Ecosense 2000

  • Reduces energy costs by up to 80%
  • Compatible with most A/C units
  • Battery operated
  • Easy installation
  • Built in comfort night sensor

Ecosense uses Passive Infra Red (PIR) technology to scan the room for occupancy. PIR will only detect body heat and will not therefore be affected by items such as ceiling fans, curtains etc. When no movement is detected it will send a signal to the air conditioning (A/C) unit to switch it off. Ecosense also has a comfort night sensor, enabling the A/C to be used, if required, throughout hours of darkness. Ecosense 2000 is compatible with most A/C units.

Function controls & settings

After the occupant has left the room, Ecosense will continue to scan the room for a pre –set time – 15,30 or 45 mins before sending the signal to turn off the A/C.

Once Ecosense has copied the infra red ( IR) signal from the A/C remote controller, by pressing the ‘test’ button, you can test the unit to ensure the IR signal has been copied correctly.

There is an optional ‘comfort’ night setting. If selected, it will allow the A/C to operate throughout the hours of darkness.

If at any time you wish to clear settings, there is a clear memory function to allow the unit to revert to factory default.

In order to operate the function buttons, it is necessary to first enter a secure access code.