"No need to cool air When there's no-one there!"

Ecosense 4000+

  • Reduces energy costs by up to 80%
  • Universally compatible with all remotely controlled air conditioning units
  • Mains powered (110- 230 V)
  • Multiple setting options
  • Key coded for secure access
  • Tamper proof infrared connectivity
  • Includes 1 x door / window sensor
  • RF communication with additional optional accessories

Ecosense 4000 + is universally compatible with any A/C that can be operated by remote controller. This model is mains powered like the Ecosense 4000 and can be fitted directly adjacent to your A/C unit, therefore no connecting cables will be visible. Ecosense copies the ‘Off’ signal from the A/C remote controller, therefore ensuring the A/C goes through its correct shut down procedure.

Ecosense 4000 + contains 2.4G RF communication with a number of wireless optional accessories such as door/window (D/W) sensors, auxiliary PIR detectors and Intelligent Eye (IE).Where the D/W sensors have been fitted, should a door or window be left open Ecosense will switch off the A/C. Ecosense 4000+ is supplied with one D/W sensor, more may be required dependant on room. Ecosense also scans a room for occupancy using Passive Infrared technology (PIR). After all doors and windows have been closed, Ecosense will send the ‘Off’ signal to the A/C unit if no one is detected in the room.

After the occupant has left the room, Ecosense will continue to scan the room for a pre –set time – 15,30 or 45 mins before sending the signal to turn off the A/C.

Once Ecosense has copied the infra red (IR) signal from the A/C remote controller, by pressing the ‘test’ button, you can test the unit to ensure the IR signal has been copied correctly.

Should you not require Ecosense to control your A/C during the hours of darkness there are 2 night setting options.
Comfort Plus - allows the A/C to continue operating for two hours after darkness has been detected, after which time Ecosense 4000 will switch off the A/C.
Night Setting - Ecosense 4000 will go to sleep and not interfere with the operation of the A/C during the hours of darkness.

If at any time you wish to clear settings, there is a clear memory function to allow the unit to revert to factory default.

In order to operate the function buttons, it is necessary to first enter a secure access code.