"No need to cool air When there's no-one there!"



Sasha Elliot 11.10.2015

We have recently had the ecosense 4000 and 4000+ installed in our 3 bedroom villa in Turkey and are delighted with the results. We were looking for a system to reduce our escalating electric bills during the summer months whilst the villa is rented. Our neighbours had informed us that guests often went out for the day leaving the air conditioning on. Ecosense is the perfect solution as all units are now timed to go off 15 minutes after they sense no one is in the room (using infra red sensors to detect heat energy). Umit Kasim was very helpful and knowledgeable in explaining how the units work and recommending the best unit for each room, at no time did we feel pressurised...the units sold themselves. Installation was easy and the units look great. We would throughly recommend Ecosense. Sasha and Kevin Elliott

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